Common Cell Phone Issues And How To Fix Them

Cell phone issues can come in all different ways, but quick action or logical solutions can help to extend the life of your phone in many ways. Common cell phone issues may be software or hardware related and some of the most common issues out there and the ways to address them include:

Cracked Screens
Cracked screens are obviously a problem for phones. To avoid these problems you should try to avoid a cracked screen from the start by protecting it with a quality case, even if the case is a bit bulky. Better to carry something heavy than to have it break. If a screen does crack, you should bring it to the manufacturer to have it fixed. By doing so you will be able to have it restored to the original condition, even if there is a cost associated with doing so. If you are looking to save money then a third party cracked screen service company is typically able to restore.

Water Damage
It is easy to spill something on your cell phone or to have it fall in water. If this happens, you should immediately put your cell phone in a bowl of rice as the rice will absorb the moisture, as anyone who puts rice in their salt container to keep it from clumping up. Leave the phone in the rice for up to two days and the circuits will likely dry up and the phone will return to normal once again. By taking these steps, you can help to minimize water damage quickly before it damages the circuits. Major water damage will need a professional to intervene or a new phone replacement.

Charging Issues
If you have a phone not charging there are several things that may be an issue. A broken charge cable can lead to a phone not charging and trying another charger should be the first solution you try. Next, see if there is a setting on your phone leading to the underlying charging issue, or a common software bug that is leading to the underlying problem. Try searching for common software problems on your device to address these charging issues. If this doesn’t work, the problem is likely your battery which may need to be replaced, as they can wear over time. Some people will recommend that you should charge your cell phone not 100% to preserve the battery life and to train it.

Frozen Screens
To address a frozen screen, try a hard refresh of your phone and then go into your settings, once the software resets and clear the cache from your history. Clearing data will help to remove software bugs that can infect your operating system and programs and lead to bugs.

Cell phones are great devices when they work. IF you are experiencing one of the aforementioned common problems, then try one of the outlined solutions before bringing it for a repair, to save you money and maybe clear out the issue once and for all.

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