Keep Your Cell Phone Ready To Go With These Popular Chargers

With the current wave in technology, a cell phone is now a must-have electronic. And as a phone owner, mobile phone chargers are mandatory. If you frequently use your phone throughout the day, charging it at night may not suffice for you. A low battery percentage, to a great extent, reduces the performance of your mobile phone. There exists a variety of phone chargers. They include corded, wireless, and solar chargers. When it comes to powering up your phone, fast charging is the ultimate goal. Below are popular cell phone chargers:

Ravpower Ultrathin Charger

The USB-C port charger is capable of producing up to 45W of power. The charger incorporates GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. This charger is, therefore, small-sized and more portable. The Ravpower fast charger has a standard 3.0 power delivery. Thus, your phone’s battery fills up within the shortest time. A unique feature of this charger is that it lacks a superfluous light. Therefore, there is no light disturbance whatsoever as you sleep. The charger is ideal, especially for most recent Android phones.

Anker Powerport Speed PD 30

With a 30W power output, this charger is ideal for charging your cell phone at top speed. The solitary USB-C port charger comes with a classy matte black finish. Also, this Anker charger has a subtle blue LED light. Anker Powerport charger prides in having standard power delivery. If affordability is your most critical determining factor, then go for this charger.

Bigblue 3 solar charger

As the name suggests, this cell phone charger harnesses solar energy to charge your battery. This charger comes with three USB ports. Therefore, you can set up to three devices at a go. Also, the gadget folds out, thus, exposing all four panels to the sun. This portable device only charges when the sun shines over it. If a cloud hangs above it, the charger pauses the charging process. This solar charger works for both Android and iPhone. Its portability is unrivalled. Bigblue 3 solar charger is particularly ideal for people who lack a convenient power supply outlet. Also, if you’re a lover of outdoor camping, this is the best charger.

Bezalel Altair

With its suede cover, this wireless charger perfectly adds a classy touch to your table. The USB-C port charger produces up to 10W. Also, the gadget comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable. The fast charger is perfect for iPhones. This charger also works well for devices that support Qi wireless charging. Bezalel charger comes with a rubber panel to enhance grip. Also, your phone charges at a perfect angle for face unlock.

Griffin Powerblock Charger

The single-port USB-C charger has an output of 18W. The charger has a compact size and can easily fit in your pocket. The gadget has standard power delivery. It’s a fast charger, thus, your phone charges at top speed. With its smart circuitry, Griffin is the best smartphone travel charger.

With any of the above chargers, be sure to have a powered phone, always.

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