10 Cool Things The Echo Can Do

If you currently own an Amazon Echo or considering getting one, you probably are thinking the Echo is just nothing more than a basic voice recognition feature that focuses on answering your basic everyday questions. But most people who own or considering purchasing an Amazon Echo do not realize an Echo has some really cool features no one knows they can do. Here are ten of them:

Make Phone Calls
When you first set up your Amazon Echo, one thing you can do is configure it to your smart phone, to allow it to call and answer any inbound and outbound calls. You can even leave voicemails if the person you call does not pick up.

Control Your Smart Home
Since there are tons of smart home features out on the market, these products as well as the Echo are compatible with each other, and allow the Echo to work as your smart command office. You can connect anything such as lights, garage doors, and temperature settings if you have the right equipment.

Cooking Assistance
If you are not the sharpest tool in the kitchen, or just want that Sous chef you have never had, Alexa can act as your cooking assistant. She can help you with things such as measurements, recipe ideas, and give you step by step instructions.

Getting the News
You no longer need a newspaper when you have the Echo. If you have a preferred media outlet, you can ask Alexa to automatically retrieve to you the news really want to hear. Alexa can be customized to deliver this through what is called flash briefing.

The Entertainer
If you have kids that need to be constantly entertained, then the Echo can be there to provide the non-stop entertainment. Alexa can play music, tell funny jokes, and has as suite of games to choose from.

Alexa Always Learns
If there is a skill that Alexa is not able to do out of her box, she can use today’s AI machine learning to teach herself how to do something. Using a product called skill finder, she can learn to do things like check your account balances and track your car.

Personal Trainer
If you have a Fitbit, you can sync your Fitbit to the Echo, and she can track all your statistics for you.

TV Remote
The Echo can also act as remote control if you have smart TV. If there is a show you want to watch on your DVR, or a favorite station, you can tell Alexa to go to it for you.

Music Beatbox
If you have a Spotify, the Echo can sync to Spotify, and play any song or playlist that you have saved. You can also do things like ask for the song of the day.

Train Alexa
There are plenty of things that the Echo cannot do out of the box but can learn to master if you are willing to teach her. She can act as intercom, or you can create rules on when to turn off and on lights during parts of the day.

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