How The Amazon Echo Came To Be And Why We Love It

We are all familiar with the Amazon Echo and enjoy the convenience of telling commands to Alexa. However, have you stopped to think about how it was initially developed?

When you think of a smart device, what comes to mind? A speaker, maybe a voice-activated machine of some sort. Most people think of cell phones, smart-cars, etc. Thanks to Amazon, there is a product out there that can do just about anything from the comfort of your home. It can spell words, play morning news clips from NPR, set a timer, or add items to a shopping list. The Amazon Echo skyrocketed into success for its many features thanks to their research and development team, Lab126. This product development team had previous success building the Kindle e-reader. The marketplace needed something that didn’t require a complicated system and Lab126 sought out the right solution to deliver.

Coining Terms
The echo was quietly being invented around 2011 thanks to Lab126. The engineers vouched for a patent on a device that included augmented reality and voice recognition. They saw the need for a new commercial product that wasn’t on the market yet. The Amazon Echo was first developed after the Kindle and Firephone. It started off as a secret product only insiders would know about. When they first started designing the Amazon Echo, it was meant to be a smart speaker; it could play music from different apps if asked to do so. Jeff Bezos and his team struggled to find a good name for it, starting with “Amazon.” Soon, they realized that was a word too commonly used for shopping.

What It Can Do For You
“Alexa, what’s the weather for today?” Nobody would have imagined the breakthrough of this product. Not only does it play music from various apps such as Apple Music, Google Play, but it can also provide weather reports, set alarms, timers, to-do lists and even order pizzas. Users love this device because it is the control center to other smart home appliances. It is so handy, as it can control lighting and thermostats when prompted. Now, it can even play “games” with you when activated. Your WI-FI connection doesn’t have to be the greatest for this amazing device to work. Users love it because it can be muted, which allows them to gain some privacy. This device not only does that, but with new updates, it can protect your home. If set to “away mode,” the Echo will monitor your home for different types of alarms. When certain triggers are detected, like glass breaking or a smoke alarm, the smart device immediately alerts the user.

Amazon Echo
Thanks to Amazon and Lab126, there has been a change in the age of common household items. The augmented-reality project that was first turned down by many is now a huge hit. Users love this product for its unique functions and abilities. The Echo can be bundled with other devices and has different versions users can look out for.

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