Why The PC Isn’t Quite Dead Yet

In the age of technology many people have moved away from their computers and onto smartphones and tablets to do a large majority of their work. This has led some people to assume that personal computers are not as prevalent as these devices once were. It is true that people are getting a lot of things done with portable devices, but the PC is definitely not dead yet. There are still a number of practical uses for the computer, and people that have put time into utilizing the PC can attest to this.

Size Matters
There’s a great emphasis on size when it comes to the PC. It is much easier to maneuver with wider screens. People can see more applications at one time, and they can even set up dual screens so that they will be able to work faster. People that are engaging in things like bitcoin mining will appreciate the ability to have multiple screens where they can process multiple things simultaneously with the various screens that they are utilizing for work.

The Job Of Telecommuters
Large numbers of people find themselves working from home. Some do this periodically. Others May do it on a regular basis. When people are working from home they quickly find that their work is much easier to complete when they have a PC at their disposal. Freelancers who work in graphic design, Auto CAD and other computer intensive tasks, often prefer a PC over a laptop to complete their work.

Some applications are simply easier to when a PC is present to switch from one application to another. It is true that one may be able to utilize apps to edit spreadsheets or word processing document on a phone or tablet. It is harder, however, to edit the same documents. That is why people that work from home are highly appreciative of the PC and the capabilities that they have to make necessary edits at a much faster rate.

More Storage Space
The average person that is utilizing a tablet or a phone is well aware that they are highly limited when it comes to the amount of storage space that they have available. These portable devices are typically going to have a lot less space for storing large files. People that are utilizing phones are depending heavily on the cloud for just about anything that they do. They are not storing a lot of data directly on they are phones. People that have desktop computers, however, have access to terabytes of storage space. They have a much better chance of backing up and storing files that would never be able to fit on a phone or tablet.

Greater Security
A number of people also utilize the PC because they know that they will have access to a much greater level of security when it comes to data. They are going to have a much better chance of creating documents that can be password encrypted.

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