6 Best Smart TVs Of 2020

Electronic companies have upgraded their products and TVs have not left behind this new trend. People have now changed from old TVs to smart TVs. They are called smart TVs because you can watch your favorite live streaming channels such as Hulu, Netflix or even surf the internet on the television. If you are looking for the best smart TVs this article will discuss six of the best smart TVs in 2020.

This is among the best in 2020. This TV uses LG’s WebOS. This platform is very easy to use and it provides you with LG’s app store. In this store, you will find all the apps you need. You will find all the latest streaming apps on this platform. This TV will give you the experience you have been dying for. Its pictures are very clear. It has low input lag and its motion handling is remarkable.

LG SM9500
LG is one of the best known electronic companies in the world and it is known for its high-quality products. This is another nice smart TV in the year 2020. It is a LED TV and its picture is of very high quality. Its out-of-the-box-color accuracy is very fantastic. This is the best smart TV for wide sitting arrangements. This is because of its very fantastic viewing angles. It supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. Do not worry if you have a very bright room, this smart TV works very well in bright rooms. Its native refresh rate is 120Hz and it is excellent for gamers. Its motion is also excellent with a great response time.

Samsung Q80/Q80R
This is another well-known company for its topnotch products. It is one of the most reputable electronic companies in the world and they are not left behind in the field of smart TVs. Samsung Q80/Q80R is a smart TV with a LED panel. This TV does not have any burn-in issues. Its picture quality is very great, and it will deliver excellent performance. It uses Samsung Tizen OS, an easy platform with plenty of apps that you will need to use. Unfortunately it does not support Dolby vision.

Samsung Q70/Q70r QLED
Another nice smart TV from Samsung. This TV supports FreeSync, which will be great for gamers because of its low input. It has an excellent selection of android apps for streaming. Unfortunately all Samsung TVs do not support Dolby Vision and this brand is not left behind on that.

Phillips Ambilight 55PUS6704 LED TV
This philips TV will make your viewing more immersing, this is because it extends pictures with LED lamps on the wall. This will make you very comfortable when watching. It has 3 sided
Ambilight. The display dimension is 4K HD and the motion rate is 1200. It is compatible with all android apps that you will need for entertainment. Color quality is very fantastic as it supports Dolby Vision.

4K HD LED Smart TV 55PUS7304/12
It has a Phillips P5 engine that very brilliant pictures. It supports Dolby Vision and with this you will enjoy the online steaming apps you need. Because of its Ambilight, games, and movies are very immersive. Looking for a smart TV, this Phillips smart TV will give you what you need.

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