Top Selling Video Games of the 2000s

Imagine, you’re driving around Los Santos and you’ve managed to get a heavy wanted level while trying to do business on the low. You press the gas, attempting to go faster and complete the storyline. Did a certain video game come to mind? As the video game industry moves forward, games like Grand theft auto have topped the charts for years. Here is an attempt to describe the Top Selling Games of the 2000s. This is comprehensive and by no means biased.

On the Rise
From 2000 to 2007, the era of video games was evolving into something powerful. This was the decade where Pokemon, Tony Hawk, the Sims, and Zelda really made their marks. Each a different genre any gamer could enjoy. However, Madden NFL was the most prevalent game from ‘01-06. The main competitor trying to top the charts was Grand Theft Auto, formerly known as GTA. These completely different genres were head-to-head on the charts until a new form of gaming was released.

Rock and Rhythm
From powerful pocket monsters to playing as your favorite NFL player, the history of gaming has continuously moved forward. Guitar hero, a music rhythm game, came through with its unique features like using a guitar as your controller. It took over the charts early-on in 2007. But as soon as Nintendogs came out, Nintendo was on the rise. They also had released Wii sports, which broke records. From 2009 to 2014, things started to change. First person shooter games were being modified and improving by the second. Games like Halo and Call of Duty were competing for the number one spot. According to Chris Morris who is an author for Fortune magazine, COD topped the charts four different times before 2015.

Top of the Charts
Call of duty remains a top selling game even with newer systems being released, like the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One. However, when reviewing the data, there are games that never really fell off the charts. Tetris has remained a classic on the top of the charts users will never grow tired from. Another game that hasn’t reached top 10 but has been a top selling game of the 2000s is a sandbox game where you can choose to play online or solo. This game has many in-app purchases and is available on a variety of different platforms. Minecraft, like Tetris, has remained on the charts for its diverse capabilities. These are some of the top selling games of the 2000s.

Honorable Mentions
Although this is a comprehensive list of the top selling video games in the 2000s, there are some games worth noting. Each list tells a story about what was hot at the time. Even though COD games occupy multiple spots in the 2015-2019 slots, games like Overwatch, Fortnite, God of War and League of Legends made their own ranks to the top of the charts. They each reached top 10 but were never top sellers for those years.

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